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Steven Bell

Stephen W. Bell Sr. is a highly experienced entrepreneur in the financial services industry, with over 35 years of experience. He currently holds two important roles in the industry. He is the Executive Vice President of business development and Founding Partner of Griffin Distribution Partners, and also the Co-Founder of Enterprise Financial Network, an enterprise OSJ with Cambridge Investment Research, where he serves as the OSJ manager.

Steve’s graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University, and he has been instrumental in helping other advisors grow their financial practices, including insurance, investments, and financial planning. In 2003, he founded Integrity Financial Group, where he gained extensive knowledge in this area.

At Enterprise Financial Network, Steve is responsible for overseeing the work of over 200 advisors in his organization, while also recruiting new advisors on a regular basis. He works closely with these advisors, developing a plan to transition their practice to an independent fee-based model in order to help grow their business. This approach helps to increase the value of their practice, which in turn helps create a more productive succession plan. Steve has over 12 years of experience in successful succession planning and helps advisors implement a succession plan or find other advisors to buy their practice.

Steve is well-regarded in the financial services industry, and he holds multiple licenses, including Investment Advisor, FINRA, and Insurance licenses. He is a highly respected leader in the Enterprise Financial Network team, and his extensive experience and knowledge make him a valuable asset to the financial services industry.